About Us

Being the second and third generation of a plastic recycling family we have a thorough know how of the recycling business. We were among the first in Europe to recycle plastics on an industrial scale, thereby preventing huge quantities
of plastics to end up as waste. We have a decade-long experience with feedstock, mechanical sorting and working with heterogeneous waste streams. We know perfectly which recycling lines are most suited for waste streams and, more
important, which lines are most flexible adaptive for different waste streams. We are constantly researching interesting applications for recycled materials and are very much appreciated by high level plastic users as suppliers of high
quality recycled plastics on a regular basis.

As recyclers ourselves we are very happy with the circular trend, however, we regret the trend of delocalization to the Far East of manufacturing and recycling. In Europe we have become pioneers in “sorting” (houshehold) waste plastics
at the expense of “recycling” plastics. More and more of this “sorted” plastic is transported overseas because the environmental cost of this transport and other elements are not taken into consideration and profit thinking prevails.
In this way important recycling know how as well as recycling capacity is being lost for the future. We were among the last to abandon ship but we also have become prone to feedstock problems due to Far East delocalization. When
we decided to close down our recycling plant we felt morally obliged to keep acting as changemakers.

Having an eccelectical (academic) background we are trendsetters in bridging the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge on circular subjects. When we quittted our recycling production , we transformed our plant, an old soap
factory, into a trendy business and event location using circular techniques. We are very optimistic about our times being a counterpoint. With Einstein we agree that solutions are best found in changing our ways of thinking. We
are sure that a different space experience enhances different thinking processes. That is why we like organizing our circular thinking work shops in the circular environment of our own renovated plant where we combine transparancy,
cosiness and a totally new look on “the classroom”.

We keep acting as motivators and knowhow transmittors for every recycling related company, organisation or project. Do you have any question? Do feel free to ask us and let’s exchange thoughts!

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