What, why and how?

Below are the services we can offer to help you make your business (more) sustainable.


We offer consultancy, training and advice on:

  • Circular economy topics
  • (Plastic) Recycling
  • Re-adaptive use of industrial sites
  • Cooperative business models


The survival of the planet lies in our hands. If we want to have a real circular society, we must be able to sharpen the awareness of the problems in all layers of society. Production as well as consumption need to be rethought. We were among the first to recycle plastics on an industrial basis when we were young. We were changemakers then and we are changemakers now.



Initially we sit together with our client to discuss the outlines of their request and evaluate in which way we can help.

Deposit invoice for plan of action and at an hourly rate.

120 an hour per consultant
0,70/km – Travel expenses


Then we work out a plan of action on how we are going to proceed. This plan of action consists also on how the work shall be structured timeline-wise and money-wise.

We draw up a contract of cooperation


We start to deliver that what we have agreed upon in the contract of cooperation, we deliver accordingly to the timeline and we invoice according to the agreed terms.

We deliver and invoice according to the timeline and the agreed terms in the contract of cooperation.

All prices are excluding VAT

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